ProStage FX Shooter

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The ProStage FX SHOOTER is is the best-performing and most cost-effective professional confetti and streamer shooter available.  Designed for optimum performance and convenience, the ProStage FX SHOOTER fires pressurized, pre-filled Electric Cannons that can launch massive confetti clouds up to 12 meters and cascades of streamers up to 20 meters high.

Time-saving, unfailingly reliable and low-priced, single-use electric cannons come in 40 cm and 80 cm sizes for varying effect, and are activated by a 230v power source, making the ProStage FX SHOOTER easily slaved to our ProStage FX Controllers (available separately) for use with multi-element applications.
  • Heavy-duty Design
  • Black powder-coated galvanized steel finish
  • Easy-adjust blast angle with indicator
  • Blue LED test indicator
  • Handle for easy carrying
  • Powercon in-out for easy multi-unit linking
  • Attachment holes for truss rigging or stage deck mounting
  • Can be used with all Electric Cannons
  • ProStage FX Base (available separately) 

  • Size:            16x17x15.5 cm
  • Weight:       2.6 kg
  • Voltage:      230 V / 50-60Hz
  • Power:        20 W
  • Service:       230V on/off or DMX by using a FX DMX Switch
  • Warranty:    1 Year