MAGIC FX Power Shot Cannon

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Made by top European manufacturer MAGICFX, the Power Shot is a professional electric air cannon system designed for stage, show and event use.

Designed to fire pre-filled single use Power Shot electric confetti or streamer cannons, this system offers both flexibility and the fastest cartridge replenishment available, making it ideal for multi-shot use during a single event and perfect for installation in night clubs where technical staff are not always on-site. 


  • Very powerful, no delay
  • High quality and reliable shot unit
  • Powercon in/out
  • Blue led test indicator
  • Holes in base to install in trusses
  • Multiple shooting angles
  • Short circuit protection
  • Listed in riders of the world’s best dj’s
  • Base plate available (for 1, 2 or 4 Power Shots)

Each disposable Electric Cannon cartridge contains a pressurised nitrogen charge for a powerful and professional effect.

Control: SFX Controller / DMX Switchpack
Voltage: 240V
Power: 100W
Capacity: Electric Confetti / Streamer Cannons
Consumption: Single Shot Instant Effect
Output: Electric Confetti Cannons 40cm: 5m / Electric Confetti Cannons 80cm: 12m / Electric Streamer Cannons 40cm: 10m / Electric Streamer Cannons 80cm: 20 m

Additional Info: Multiple units can be daisy chained and fired simultaneously from the same controller for a bigger, more intense effect or multiple cannons can be fired individually.