MAGICFX Power Drop (Kabuki) Hire

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Looking for a kabuki drop for the perfect reveal? Blaso Pyrotechnics hire out MAGICFX Power Drop Kabuki systems for events, concerts and theatres all across Australia!

The new MAGICFX Power Drop is the new kabuki drop system of the future! It's a reliable and innovative 'plug and play' system to drop curtains, balloon nets or other things matching to your creativity.

Each Power Drop has a powercon in-out connector to control them seperately or linked together in one line. As soon as the power is switched ON the system will drop. By using a switch pack the Power Drops can be controlled by DMX. A must have kabuki system for show professionals!

MAGICFX Power Drops are truss mountable, tidy, compact 'plug and play' units with the ability to hold up to 20kg to create an instantaneous and symmetrical drop of a backdrop, curtain, cloth or baloon net!

All hire kits come with desired length powercon cables and key switch push button 'drop' controller.

Freight can be arranged, delivered and picked up at events all across Australia.

Please call 1800 069 007 to discuss your requirements and to ensure availability on your required dates.