Force Fx 2 Channel Controller Hire

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The ForceFX EC-2 230v effect controller is ideal for controlling any kind of effect that needs a momentary power feed to fire an easy  ON/OFF controller to control all kind of machines which must be activated by 230V, equipped with a FIRE button for firing effects such as Power Shots, Power Drops and CO2 Jets. There's also a keyswitch for added safety as well as a switch to control machines which require electronic input for a longer duration such as Stage Fans. This is the perfect controller for when simplicity is required or when DMX is not an option.  Robust and in a steel case, it's tough enough to handle any situation and with all Neutrik Powercon sockets it's built to last. 

Package Includes: 
ForceFX EC-2 230v effect controller

Neutrik Powercon to Power Cable 1.5M
Neutrik Powercon Link Cable 5M / 10M

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