Magic Handheld Flash Gun Hire

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The Electronic Flash Guns are easily concealed in the hand, yet create a dramatic effect on a large stage. They shoot a brilliant ball of fire to a distance of 9 to 12 feet before vanishing. 

This effect can be used almost anywhere in a magician's routine, but is particularly effective when triggering a magic effect from a distance. An example the magician places his assistant into a cabinet center stage and closes it. They walk away from the cabinet while chanting magic words, then turns and points the wand at the box. A ball of fire streaks across the stage towards the cabinet, which in turn falls apart to reveal that the assistant has disappeared. Presto! An old routine is suddenly given new life...

It disappears with no smoke and no ash.

Electronic Flash Guns supplied with flash cotton and flash paper. Price on enquiry. 
For Professional use only.