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Confetti Stadium Blaster Hire

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Our NEW Confetti Stadium Blasters are not for the faint of heart. This heavy-duty, 85KG confetti blaster packs an enormous punch in load and projection capacity. These units effortlessly shoots 10 kilos of confetti into the air with the help of a fresh dose of liquid CO2 or CO2 gas. Control via DMX, Wireless and Manually however can be operated with no extra crew as typically would have on each 'Super Blaster'! 


The MAGICFX STADIUM BLASTER is a special effects machine that launches confetti into the air up to a height of 12 meters, stunning and versatile effect which produces an instantaneous and controllable spray. The MAGICFX STADIUM BLASTER is equipped with a CO2 powered woofer. CO2 is shot into the woofer through small holes. This creates a Venturi effect that draws the confetti continuously from the hopper, out of the woofer and into the air. The shot is accompanied by a strong hissing sound.

Please call 1800 069 007 to discuss your requirements and to ensure availability on your required dates.

We are able to provide a turnkey production with one of our professional operators that will be able to deliver and setup the blasters and fire on cue for your event, or pickup from our Melbourne warehouse, freight can be arranged, delivered and picked up events all across Australia.