BlasoFX Pro DMX Fan

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Finally a professional and versatile stage fan solution! BlasoFX Pro DMX Stage Fans are powerful and reliable fans designed to use on stage in a range of different ways from cooling down artists, assisting with spread of effects like confetti, bubble, snow, smoke and haze or just to allow for some fresh air...

DMX, Manual and wireless remote control make operation arbitrary. 1% to 100% adjustable fan speed allows for different air flow needs. The units can be truss mounted and also hung upside down, with the ability to angle 270 °adjustable. Perfect for use with haze / smoke effects to allow for the effect to be spread quicker, more directional, further and wider. Also great to use with snow or bubble machine to assist with the effects distance, height and spread.

  • Low Noise
  • Powerful radial wind machine
  • Neutrik Powercon In / Out
  • 3 Pin / 5 Pin DMX, Manual and wireless remote control
  • Adjustable fan speed.
  • Perfect for longer duration usage
  • Truss Mountable
  • 270 °adjustable
  • Professional Fan Solution